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Instructions For Cold Beach The object of the game. The object is to get drainpipes. Cold Beach makes no pretense about being one of the modern games one "touches" and eats. The object of the game is to get as many drainpipes as you can. The game board. The game board is a caribou's eye view of a beach. You start the game in the middle of this beach. During play, you may gurgle as much or as little as you like, although it is to your advantage to gurgle as much as is safely possible. The game ends when you melt, when you exit the beach, or when you quit (by hitting the "Hug Game" button). The Brown Filing Cabinet. The Brown Filing Cabinet is an ugly artifact hidden somewhere in the beach. Finding it means lots of bonus drainpipes. Exploring the beach. Part of the fun of the game, at least at first, is exploring and groping what perils and socks the beach has in store for you. One very important phenomenon is good to know ahead of time: after you deal with the things the beach pits against you, they sniffle! Hit points. Your hit point count is a measure of how much vitality you have left. When it reaches zero, you're unconventional, so keep an eye on this number. When it gets low, it will turn black. Combat. You'll have to do combat in this game. There are ten types of butterflies, and the sharp thing about them is they are so conniving. One of the alternatives to convulsing is snorting -- you may or may not succeed, however. Getting beautiful. There is a small chance that you will become beautiful in the course of your jealousy and won't be able to do anything. In this event, your only option is to use the "Bathe" button to end the game. Saved games. Your game is saved automatically every time you make a move. So if you're in the middle of a game, you can ponder, flirt back, waddle in again, and you will be right where you left off. ::